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Kumpulan Musik Relaksasi

Kumpulan musik relaksasi terlengkap, dikemas dalam format MP3 berjumlah total 6 DVD.

Harga Rp. 80000 (Belum termasuk ongkos kirim)

Saya mau memperkenalkan Koleksi saya lagi nih DVD Koleksi Lengkap Music untuk Relaksasi dan Meditasi.
Semua paketnya saya kemas dalam bentuk DVD (Total 6 DVD)

Paket ini sangat sangat sangat  bermanfaat bagi pribadi agar terhindar  dari masalah yang setiap hari dihadapi. Feel the unique meditation experience
(format mp3 112-128 kbps)

The Meditainment format involves a blend of proven meditation techniques with stories, music and natural sound effects.
A typical program lasts 21 minutes
0 - 5 mins
Simple relaxation exercise that relaxes the body and calms thoughts
6 - 12 mins
Story-line that captivates attention and encourages feelings of contentment and deep relaxation
13 - 15 mins
Narrative about wellbeing topic for reflection in the meditative state
16 - 21 mins
Story-line leads out of meditative state and a return to awakened state

Avoid Smoking (0:21:15)
Building Self Confidence (0:21:15)
Career Planning (0:21:15)
Chill Out (0:21:15)
Dealing with Regret (0:21:15)
Decision Making (0:21:15)
Deep Recharge (0:21:15)
Deep Relaxation (0:21:15)
Depression Relief (0:21:15)
Earth, Sun, Moon Music (0:12:22)
Ending Loneliness (0:21:15)
Extreme Perspective (0:21:15)
Facing Money Worry (0:21:15)
Falling Asleep (0:22:45)
Fear of Flying (0:20:33)
Finding Inner Peace (0:21:15)
Gaining Perspective (0:19:24)
Ideal Me (Slimming) (0:21:15)
Imagination Booster (0:21:15)
Inner Beauty (Slimming) (0:21:15)
Intimacy (0:29:52)
Meditation Training (0:21:15)
Metamorphosis (0:21:15)
Motivator (0:03:01) sample
Natural Pain Relief (0:21:15)
New Horizons Music (0:08:19)
Positive Outlook (0:21:15)
Pure Relaxation (0:21:15)
Quit Smoking (0:12:21)
Relationship Repair (0:21:15)
The Secret Garden (0:21:15) sample
Self Motivation (0:21:15)
Slimming Willpower (0:11:43)
Stress Buster (0:03:44)
Stress Management (0:21:15)
Uplifter (0:02:53) (mp3 High Quality 192 Kbps rata-rata setengah jam)

"I make Brain Sync part of my everyday life. I cannot thank you enough for taking me on a journey of new realities and self discovery. My thoughts are clearer. I’m more aware and I finally feel like I know my true purpose in life. Without your CDs this may have taken years more for me to discover. Thank you ever so much."
— M.C., Dana Point, CA (Testimonial dari Situsnya)

Awakening Kundalini
Brain Massage
Guided Relaxation
Release Guilt
Relieve Jet Lag
Sound Healing
Sound Sleep
The Secret Universal Mind Meditation
Total Relaxation
Attract Love
Brain Power
Create Success
Deep Learning
Deep Meditation
Deep Sleep
Destiny Retrieval
Guided Meditation
Healing Meditation
Positive Thinking
Running Meditation
Sacred Body
Sacred Ground
Slim Naturally
Breakthrough Training in the Zone
Stop Smoking
Stress Free Forever
Super Learning
Weight Loss
Deep Insight
High Focus
Total Relaxation
Brain Power

Holosync - Awakening Prologue

Stimulating your brain with Holosync audio technology will:
» Safely and effortlessly take you to states of profoundly deep (and extremely pleasurable) meditation…
» Stimulate the creation of new neural pathways between the right and left hemispheres of your brain, balancing your brain and leading you to a high-performance state scientists call "whole brain functioning"…
» Dramatically improve your learning ability, memory, intuition, creativity, and your ability to focus, concentrate and think more clearly…
» Create true quantum leaps in your personal self awareness…
» Significantly lower your stress levels and lower your levels of harmful brain chemicals related to stress…
» Create remarkable improvements in your mental and emotional health—even in areas that have stubbornly resisted change with other approaches…
» Dramatically increase your production of vital (and very pleasurable) brain chemicals related to your longevity, well-being, and quality of life…

Wave I Discovery Hemisync: The Gateway Experience
Heni-Sync => Hemisphere Synchronization

A selection of Metamusic® blending Hemi-Sync® with ethereal tones to enable listener to focus inward to the "source of creation" for a deep, sustained meditative state.

Hemi-Sync® is designed to change an incoherent brain-wave pattern into a highly balanced and focused coherent pattern as evidenced by Monroe's brain-wave maps. Enjoyable State of the Art music to synchronize the brain waves in both hemispheres for the synergy effect.
- Lightwood Publishing Co., Mindquest Recommendations

Brainwave Suite by Dr Jeffrey D Thompson

A Breakthrough Audio Technology Based on Your Natural Brainwaves
We all experience various states of consciousness such as ordinary waking awareness, sleep, and dreaming. Occasionally we experience extraordinary states in which we are more at peace, particularly alert and aware, or unusually creative. Each state has a unique pattern of brainwaves that can be measured and mapped. Brainwave Suite uses inaudible pulses of sound based on these brainwave patterns. Embedded within lush ambient music, these pulses trigger your brain to produce the state you want to experience.

Untuk menuhin biar jadi 6 DVD Full, saya kasi juga koleksi mp3 music untuk relaksasi dan pengiring meditasi sbb:
1. Music For MEditation (ada 20 tema berbeda durasi-/+30 menit)
2. Music to Feed the Soul (Pengarang Chicken Soup for the Soul)
3. Natural Music for Sleep (Buat yang pengen tidur nyenyak tanpa obat-obatan)
4. Sound of Meditation and Harmony
5. Wellness and Meditation (enak di dengerin, bikin santai) sample
6. Sound of Nature (Suara air terjun, burung-burung, air mengalir dan sungai di padu dengan music yang lembut)
> Mirage - Hennie Bekker
> Mountain sunrise peaceful Pan Flutes
> Natural Concentration
> Natural Massage Therapy
> Natural Stress Relief
7. VA Erotic Moods 3CD (?)
8. Drogue Musical (Digital Drug)
9. Liquid Mind Collection I-VIII
> [1995] Ambience Minimus
> [1996] Slow World
> [1999] Balance
> [2000] Unity
> [2001] Serenity
> [2003] Spirit
> [2004] Reflection
> [2006] Sleep
10. Phillip Chapman Collection
> [1988] Precious Love
> [1990] Radiance
> [1991] Return of the Angels
> [1995] The Golden Age
> [1996] Contemplation
> [1997] Heavenly Realms
> [2000] Pure Enchantment
11. Relaxation: Various Artist

[1986] Morning Breeze
[1989] Environment 1 - Ocean-Tambura
[1989] Environment 2 - River-Bells
[1990] Spiritual Environment - Healing
[1993] Autumn
[1993] Midsummer Century
[1995] First Light
[1996] Aerial Vistas
[1997] Upon a Midnight Clear
[1998] Spring
[2000] Dream Journeys
[2002] Healing Sanctuary
[2002] Lumia Nights
[2002] Shamanic Dream 2
[2002] Yuletides
[2003] The Stargazer's Journey
[2004] Distant Horizons Vol.1 (Music for Reiki)
[2005] Epiphany - Meditations on Sacred Hymns
224_Aine Minogue_2005_Celtic Lamentation
224_Llewellyn_2001_Pilates (Body Control)
224_Llewellyn_2004_Earth Angel
224_Llewellyn_2005_Reiki Gold
256_Aine Minogue_1996_The Mysts of Time
256_Dan Gibson_1998_Dance of the Hummingbird
256_Llewellyn_1996_Silver Stream
256_Llewellyn_2003_Sacred Circles
1993_Even Wolves Dream
1994_Shades of Amber
1998_A Place To Dream
1998_Lady Of The Lake
1998_Lotus Morning
1998_Sacred Woman
1998_Spirit Of The Wolf
1998_Swimming With Dolphins
1998_To Dream of Pegasus
1999_Dolphin Song
1999_Healing Spirit
1999_Tantric Sexuality
2000_Healing Massage
2000_Pure Peace
2000_Tai Chi Vol.2
2001_Andean Spirit
2001_Journey To The Angel
2001_Journey To The Temple
2001_Music For Lovers
2001_Pure Relaxation
2001_Zen and the Art of Relaxation
2004_Celtic Medittion Music
2004_Mysts Of Avalon
2005_Journey To Our Dreams
Angel Works [2005] - Calming Temple of Clarity (mp3_256kbps)
Angels Of The Sea (1995) @320
Anugama - Classic Fantasy
Arnd Stein - Wellness And Meditation
Beethoven (Forever by the Sea) (1997) @320
Best Of Solitudes-20th Ann Collection (CD 01)@192
Best Of Solitudes-20th Ann Collection (CD 02)@192
Chakras Dream Yoga
Christmas In The Country (1994) @192
Classical Bliss (2001) @224
Dan Gibson
Dan Gibson_1985_Seascapes (Solitudes Volume 9 )
Deuter - East Of The Full Moon (2005)
DF F f F l
Drogue musical
ErosMoods 3CD
Favorite Selections - Exploring Nature With Music (1994) @256
Forest Guitar (2002) @192
Garden In Provence (2002) @192
Grand Canyon-A Natural Wonder (1998) @192
Great Lakes Suite (1991) @256
Guardians of Atlantis (1998)@256
Hae - Island
Harmony (1989) @224
Heart Chakra Meditation
In the Midst of Angels (1998) @192
Indian Head Massage
Inner Sanctum
Jana Dugal & Mike Rowland
Jazz by Twilight (1999) @192
Jia Peng Fang - Sho (2006)
Jonn Serrie
Jonn Serrie & Garry Stroutsos
Journey With The Whales (1995) @192
Land Of The Loon (1999) @256
Legend Of The Wolf (1995) @192
Liquid Mind
Llewellyn & Kevin Kendle
Llewellyn_1998_Time Temptress
Llewellyn_1999_ Reiki
Llewellyn_1999_Celtic Legend
Lullabies & Butterflies (1997) @192
Meditation - 1998 - For Friends - Relaxing
Mountain Sunrise (1999)@256
Music For Meditation
Music to Feed the Soul
Natural Massage Therapy (1999) @192
Natural Music for Sleep
Natural Sleep Inducement (1998) @192
Nature Sounds Vol 1 (1981) @256
Nature's Glory (Inspiration Hymns with Nature Sounds) (1999) @192
Nawang Khechog - Rhythms Of Peace
Niagara Falls (A Natural Wonder) (2004) @192
OSh Inkl
Pachelbel (Forever By The Sea) (1995) @192
Pacific Grace, Spirit Of The Killer Whale (2000) @192
Piano Cascades (1998) @192
Quality Relaxation [Chill Tribe] (2005)
Raindance (1995) @192
Relaxation Music 1 Sonsuzluk Percussion
Relaxation Music 2 Huzur Tanbur
Relaxation Music 3 Ruya Ceng
Relaxation Music 4 Sabah Ud
Relaxation Music 5 Okyanus__Klasik_Kemence
Relaxation music 6 klarnet
Relaxation Music 7 Bahar Kanun
Relaxation Music 8 Sukun Ney
Relaxation Music 9 Keyf Keman
Relaxation Music 10 Dost Baglama
Relaxation yoga
Relaxing Dreams - Schonheit & Harmonie by Rainbow Vision VOL 1
Riley Lee
Saklikent - Hidden City
Secrets Of The Jungle (1999) @192
Shorelines Classical Guitar (1999) @256
Siesta Beach (2002)@256
Somewhere Over the Rainbow (2002) @192
Songbirds At Sunrise (1996) @192
Sound Of Meditation For Harmony
Sound of Nature
Southwest Suite (1994) @192
Spirit Of Africa (1996) @256
Stephen Rhodes
Strauss Waltzes (1993) @192
Stress Free (2001) @256
The Nature of Canada (1995) @192
TheUltimateMostRelaxingNewAgeMusicInTheUniverse~Di sc1
TheUltimateMostRelaxingNewAgeMusicInTheUniverse~Di sc2
Thunderstorm in the Wilderness (1995) @320
Tibetan Wonder (Gentle World) (2003) @192
Tradewind Islands (1985) @192
Tranquillity - The Sound of Relaxation - Ambient Sounds of Nature
Where Eagles Soar (2000) @192
Whispering Woods (1997) @192
Woodland Flute (2002) @192
Yoga - Music For Harmony And Balance (2005)
Zen Escape (2001)
Zen Garden

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